Product Overview:

Using Human-Machine interface.Easy and convenient operate. The all processes are cycle conveyed by conveyor belt automatically. Auto-complete visual alignment by Visual Alignment System. Equip with robotic fast clamp device.Making the screen plate position high efficient and precise. Then convey into printing process, Screen plate auto register color and register and print multi-color accurately. With single/double printer auto-printing, Keep the same condition of scraper, angle, and speed. Printing color and precision will be all same.Full-auto printing machine equip with industrial PLC modules and touch screen.Printing direction, moving and printing speed is adjustable. The workers can control the machine operation condition according to time and component quantity. After printing finish.The process run into drying oven. The whole system have constant oven temperature and hot air circulation function. Energy saving and High efficiency. The whole line auto- convey.Cycle printing.Greatly improve production efficiency.

Product advantages:

  • Human-machine interface, Self-R&D system, Operation convenient and easily.
  • Auto visual alignment.Eliminates the tedious process of artificial alignment. More accurate alignment and less error.
  • Stereo type of hot air circulation with constant temperature drying oven.Speed up drying speed, Heating more even, High efficiency and energy saving.
  • Equip with tridimensional storehouse, Auto convey and storage evenly .Avoiding pollution from screen plate.It’s convenient to store and greatly saves the working area.
  • Using single or double Auto-Pinter.Printing speed is faster and efficiency is more high than normal way.Reduce material waste. The angle and pressure of scraper is adjustable to meet different demand of printing requirement.
  • Using robotic fast clamp to position.Positioning is more precisely and accurately.
  • Equip Pneumatic Clamp device,Load and unload screen plate easily.
  • Machine automatic print.Avoid ink and other chemical substances harms to staffs health.

Product Parameters:

Item No. HJG-LTK-1G
Dimension 8100*1625*2200mm
Electric Supply 380v
Power 19.6kw
Air Source Requirement 0.4-0.6Mpa
Positioning System Equip with visual treadmill positioning system
最大网板尺寸 Maximum size of Screen Plate 1050*640mm
Maximum Printing Area 730*500mm/board(could put 75 piece glass board)
Scraper Angle 0-45°
Printing Thickness 0-3mm
Printing Precision ±0.05mm
Drying time Can be set
Drying Temperature 40-60℃

Advantages Comparison:

Item Traditional Production Robots Intelligent Operation
Benefit Comparison Hard to recruit professional workers,High labor cost and additional management cost Operate all system need 1 worker only, save labor cost.
Output Comparison Artificial alignment.Low output and high defective rate. Hard to control natural drying time. Output is significant improved. Auto printing, Alignment precisely,Excellent performance, No need waiting for auto drying.
Environment-Friendly Long time close and touch with glue and machine. Make high risk of occupational disease. Reduce risk and pollution