1.Stable Quality: Intelligent Operation of Robots can achieve precise spraying, High efficiency, Stability and Low wastage.

2.Efficiency Improvement: Adopt by Visual Identify System and robotic arm to work synchronously, High efficiency of operation.

3.Automatic Identify: Non-contact identification can auto-identity various sizes of outsole. Reading speed is fast,accurate data and high reliability.

4.Save Procedure: Using PUR glue to spray outsole. Upper no need to spray again then can be adhered. Eliminating upper spraying procedure. Save material and effort also time and cost.

5.Wide Range of Application: Except outsole spraying. Also be widely applied by spraying at Cellular material, Plastics, Metals and other materials.

6.Excellent Performance: PUR glue has excellent performance and strong weathering resistance Against cold, heat and water steam. Chemical corrosion resistance and Aging resistance. PUR is solvent-free which won’t cause pollution to environment.