Product Overview:

Using Human-Machine interface . Easy and convenient operate.. Adopting CCD Visual Positioning System, Intelligent recognize and auto-generate spraying trajectory for any position and material in working area. Auto-adsorb fixed material and prevent material displace. Application of high precision modules to achieve precise spraying. Spray 6 pieces at the one time. Using low noise Adsorption System, High efficiency and no noise.

Product Advantages:

  • Auto-adsorb fixed material, Prevent material displace.
  • CCD Visual Alignment System. Identify materials and generate trajectory automatically.
  • Adopt Low-Noise Absorption System, High efficiency and no noise
  • Human-Machine interface, Operate easily.
  • Save process and time, Upgrade the degree of automation.

Product Parameters:

 Item No. HJG-PPC45
Dimension 1000*800*1700mm
Electricity Supply 220v
Power 4kw
Air Supply Requirements 0.4~0.6Mpa(Clean Air)
Positioning Identify System CCD Visual Positioning identify
Weight 200kg
Time of Spraying 4s-15s Remark: The time of spraying is slightly different in different materials.
Temperate of Hot Melt Machine 150-190℃
Working Area 500*400mm
Soluble Cylinder Capacity 5L
Melt Speed 7kg/hour

Advantages Comparison:

Item Traditional Production Robots Intelligent Operation
Benefit Comparison One worker spray one piece component one time only, Low efficiency .Hard to recruit professional workers, high labor cost, difficult management. One general worker can handle several machines at the same time. Each machine can spray 6 pieces at one time. High efficiency.
Quality Comparison Inconsistent quality owing to the different proficiency of workers. Efficiency can’t be guaranteed. Spraying evenly and accurately. Reduce rework rate.

Reduce necessary consumables waste.

Environment-Friendly Long time close and touch with glue and machine. Make high risk of occupational disease. Auto-identify. Auto-spraying. Reduce the risk and pollution.