Intelligent Outsole Buffing Machine

Product overview:

The equipment uses robot arm for quick and automatic grab. At the same time, through high-definition CCD automatic positioning of vision, automatic identification and accurate calculation of the trajectory, generate grinding data. After the data is generated, the equipment will automatically carry out the cycle work of grinding and unloading. The whole equipment consists of four parts: feeding system, camera recognition system, buffing system and robot system.


  • Traditional processes required by the manual operation, the buffing result can not achieve unity. The equipment consists of system operation, generating grinding trajectory, reduce error.
  • Traditional buffing processes can cause harm to human health. The equipment can automatically pick and unload materials and can monitor the production process.
  • The equipment only needs manual discharge, which greatly reduces labour cost.
  • Integrated design makes the equipment run more efficient and reliable.
Item No. BKK-WDDC-1G
Dimension 2000*1400*1500mm
Power/Electricity Supply 4kw  / 220v
Positioning System HD CCD Visual Positioning
Operation System BKKYX XP.10
Air Source Requirement 0.6Mpa Clean compressed air
Repeatable positioning precision of manipulator ±0.02mm
Freedom range 6-axis
Air consumption 110~170(L/min)
Feed rate 1~2mm
One feed cycle 30~50s
Adaptation range Suitable for sole without holes, grinding and trimming the outside of sole.