Product Overview:

About the Intelligent automatic delivery packing machine. One person can easy to operate the machine and make it running smoothly. The automatic system combination pot, packaging, labelling together and it has high efficiency, high stability, and high package speed. The follow-up maintenance cost is also low. This machine is a perfect solution which settle the high labor cost problem . not only reduces the number of workers and management difficulty, but also improve the efficiency.

Product advantages:

1.Intelligent Printing : Seamless docking the mainstream ERP/WMS orders and avoid the error & leakage.

2.High efficiency : save 5 packing workers. The efficiency increase 5 times.

3.High quality experience : Automatic sealing, neatly packed, quality prominent, fulfill all the customer need.

4.Save Energy & environmental protection: no need seal-belt, saving resources and environment friendly.

Product Parameters:

Size 5000*1000*1700mm
Electricity Supply 380v
Power 3.3kw
Air Supply Out-Source Air 0.6-0.8Mpa
Air Demand Dry, no oil, no dust
Min Floor Space 10㎡
Input Voltage AC
Air Consumption Rate >0.25m³/min
Compressor Customers prepare themselves
materials PE fold film,Footwear, Book
Efficiency 1 worker, 4-5 s/parcel, >750 parcel/h

Advantages Comparison:

Items Manual packing Intelligent Automatic Packaging Machine
Number of people 7 Person 1 Set
Capacity per hour ±770 ±850
Single piece packing time 20-30S 3-5S
Daily output ±6000/8H ±6500/8H
Cost of investment ±300,000 RMB per year ±320,000 RMB (One input only)