Product overview:

Intelligent Interface.Simple and convenient to operate. It adopts 3D Visual Positioning System to Auto identify and Auto generate spraying path.Using 6axis Robot Non-contact spraying gun along with preset trajectory to complete the process of Sole Spraying, Stability, High speed and High precision.Automatic generation spraying path is one of key techniques to realize the automation glue spraying. The structure of machine can effectively isolate the volatility of adhesive.Reducing the threat of toxic gas to the health and risk of occupational disease.

Product Advantages:

  • Application Simplicity: Applicable for different size,different item
  • Faster Speed: Complete sole scanning and spraying in 6-8 seconds.Performanceis better than similar products at home and abroad.
  • Stable Quality: Preset trajectory of spraying and fix glue consumption.Significantly improve the spraying quality.
  • High cost effective: Excellent performance. The price is only 1/3 times to similar equipment of European brand.
  • Reduce wastage: The glue is fully utilized without waste. It’s healthy and environment friendly and can reduce the body contact with glue.

Product Parameters

Dimension HJG-PD-G1:2300*1400*2100mm;HJG-PD-G2S:5000*1900*2000mm
Electricity Supply 220-380v
Power 8-16kw
Air Source Requirement 0.4-0.6Mpa (Clean Air)
Positioning System 3D Visual Positioning
Positioning Speed 230mm/s(Outsole)
Component Part Intelligent Robot,Laser Scanner,Industrial computer, spraying system, Conveyor belt, Electrical control system
Spraying Time 8s (Sole Spraying)Remark:The spraying time is slightly different in different outsole  size
Spraying Precision ±0.3mm
Robotic Manipulator HJG-PD-G1:Single Robot Workbench

HJG-PD-G2S:Double Robot Parallel Processing

Advantages Comparison:

Item Traditional Production Robots Intelligent Operation
Benefit Comparison Labor: 12 workers per line


No need worker to brush glue. A general worker can operate automation workshop. Auto accurately spraying by Robotic manipulator.Reduce glue waste.
Quality Comparison Rework Rate: About 10% Better ensure consistent quality. Rework rate is about 5%
Environment-Friendly Long time close touch with glue, Serious harm to human health Robotic operation. No need to touch glue directly. No harm to human health