Intelligent vacuum plastic uptake lamination machine_1

Product Overview:

Using human-machine interface, the operation is simple and convenient; the entire work process takes place at four stations at the same time, which improves work efficiency and reduces manpower requirements. Into the material for vacuum operation adsorption material, and then automatically run to the remaining three stations for heating, vacuum effect and heat dissipation. The entire process is automatically carried out. The heating, vacuum, and heat dissipation parameters can be adjusted according to the actual conditions, in line with the processing and application of various materials.

Product Advantages:

  • Increase the vacuum adsorption when bonding so that the hot melt adhesive can better penetrate into the gap, the paste is more solid, the surface pattern is more three-dimensional
  • Takes and discharges materials, preheats, heats and cools four stations, greatly improving production efficiency and labor utilization
  • Heating temperature and time settings can be set on the touch screen, convenient and easily.
  • Intelligent management system real-time monitoring, easy control of the production process.
  • Manual loading station equipped with safety light curtain, easy to use and safe operation.
  • applicable to all breathable material, wide applicability.


Item No. BKK-ZKTH-600
Dimension 2150*2150*1650mm
Electricity Supply 380V
Power 14KW
Air Demand 0.6Mpa The rate of flow:340L/min Clear Air
Working Area 420*620mm
Temperature Range 0-360℃
Operating Mode Touch screen + button
Products Disposal Four station cycle operation.