Product Overview:

It adopts automation marking line printing technology. Based on high precision operation structure.Servo Drive and Grating Detection Positioning to achieve high precision and automation marking line print.Automatic Visual Positioning by HD CCD and combine parameters setting into controller. Generate marking line printing trajectory automatically. The trajectory is composed of countless interval ink dots. The precision is up to 0.2MM.Ink consumption is less. No need screen plate to avoid the additional work like:alignment,cleaning screen pate and changing the screen pate.The whole process from line print to finished compartmentalization automate

Product Advantages:

  • Fast printing speed,1 piece per 4-6 seconds,Daily output:8000-10000pieces per 10 hours.
  • Labor demand is small. Simple operation.1 worker can operate 5 machines at one time.
  • No need screen plate .Avoid screen plate Making, Changing and Cleaning. Environment friendly.
  • Self-R&DBKKYX XP.10 Intelligent Operating System.Easy study and operate.
  • Imported High-Definition industrial camera.Low distortion, Wide spectrum, High uniform and High Precision.
  • Super-speed automatic Positioning System narrows the precision of marking trajectory to 0.2mm with high yield, which is much better than artificial alignment.
  • 220V electricity supply.No need industrial electricity.Plug and play.
  • Ink-jet Area is as large as 400*400MM. Applicable to all kinds of planar ink jet.
  • Small occupied space and low requirement for work environment.
  • The anti-skid conveyor belt is Durable, Flexible. No Break, Open and Delaminating problem.

Product Parameters:

Item No. HJG-YX-430 /HJG-YX-440
Dimension 2050*1150*2000mm
Electricity Supply 220v
Power 1.5-2.5kw
Air Source Requirement 0.6Mpa Clear Air
Positioning System HD CCD Camera + Visual AutoPositioning
Operating System BKKYX XP.10
Positioning Speed 400mm/s  /  800mm/s
Weight 250kg
Marking Speed 300mm/s  /  600mm/s
Marking Precision ±0.2mm
Working Area 400*400mm

Advantages Comparison:

Item Intelligent Marking Line Print Machine Manual Marking Line Print
LaborCost 1 worker 5 workers
Speed 4-6S /Piece 5S/Piece
Output One worker operate 5 machines.Daily output:8000-10000 piecesper 10 hours per singlemachine. Five workers,Daily output 7000–8000 pieces per 10 hours
Screen Plate No need Screen plate-making,Alignment,Cleaning.

The process is time-consuming.

Ink onsumption Calculated by actual printing area Screen Printing.Link consumption is higher
Marking Precision Stable.Precision up to 0.2mm.

High qualified rate.

Depend on workers proficiency. Unstable.
Operation Intelligent Interface.Simple to operate. Can set different printing parameters according to different products. Repeat Manual printing
Environment-Friendly Without screen plate.Avoid pollution for raw material and cleaning pollution. Hard to control the usage of glue. Much  pollution froml glue. Cleaning and Basking plate chemicals.