Product Overview:

The whole line comprehensively monitor all manufacturing process (Monitor processing cycle, track production condition of various batches in line and manage whole automatic equipment) via professional shoe-making software written by software engineering technology. It adopts Intelligent Identify Technology to achieve automatic data collection. Automatic recognition and generation spraying trajectory. Then auto complete spraying by its robotic manipulator. Through UV Irradiation process to cause polymerization which can strengthen polarity of EVA mid sole surface and increase the viscosity and adhesive force. During the whole production line running, the wasted gas of UV Irradiation is discharged into Air Purification System by ventilating duct which can efficiently reduce the pollution.

e the efficiency.

Product Advantages:

  • Robots spraying system can finish even spraying. Spraying trajectory accurately. NG rate is lower.
  • Labor cost saving more than 80%. Productivity per person is improved more than 200% and the consumption of irradiated water reduced at least 10%.
  • Real-time monitoring whole the intelligent management system. All the production line easy to control. Management more convenient
  • The height and angle of UV Irradiate lamp is adjustable. With full range and high penetration rate of irradiation by high purity quartz lamp. The UV Irradiation effect is much better.
  • Energy saving and environment friendly. The wasted gas is purified and discharged by air purification system .Efficiently reduce pollution.
  • Modular product can meet any demands of customers.

Product Parameters:

Item No. BKK-QXD-2C
Dimension 7500*1800*1900mm
Electricity Supply 380v
Power 20-40kw
Air Source Requirement 0.4-0.6Mpa
Positioning System 3D Intelligent Identify System
Convey Speed 250mm/s
Drying Time 40s
Working Temperature of Drying Oven 40-80℃

Advantages Comparison:

Item Traditional Production Robots Intelligent Operation
Benefit Comparison Labor: 13 workers each line

Managerial staff: 1 person

Intelligent Management System for real-time monitoring. Automatic workshop only one worker. Labor cost saving 80%
Output Comparison Inconsistent quality owing to the different proficiency of workers. Spraying evenly and spraying trajectory accurately. NG rate is lower
Environment-Friendly Harmful for human and environment. The wasted gas is purified and discharged by air purification system .Efficiently reduce pollution.